Mabon (darkness and light)

Mabon (darkness and light)

Thursday 24 March 2016 to Monday 28 March 2016

RadFaeNZ Easter Gathering 2016


A gathering for men who love men at Ruapuke Beach

photos of Matawha

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Radical Faeries Aotearoa/New Zealand (RadFaeNZ) warmly invite you to join us in celebrating at Matawha, home to our most honourable and esteemed Tinker. Matawha is a beautiful farmland property at Ruapuke Beach just 25 km from the coastal township of Raglan. The gathering begins with the evening meal and opening ritual under the full moon of Thursday March 24th, and ends after breakfast and the closing ritual on the morning of Monday March 28th.

You’re welcome to arrive any time on Thursday afternoon, or if you are available to assist with setup in the week prior to the gathering please message Tinker directly.

What is a gathering?
It’s a time of creating community, a time to connect with the land and the seasons, a time for ritual and meditation, a time for sharing. We embrace each other as friends and lovers. We embrace ourselves as men who love men. We embrace the world we inhabit and this planet that gives us life.

The retreat is based on international Faerie traditions where activities and workshops are co-created. Anybody can propose and lead a workshop, ritual or other activity.


Mabon refers to the neo-pagan celebration of the autumnal equinox, with origins in ancient pre-Christian European festivals. Mabon is a time of mid-harvest to mark the passing of the seasons, to acknowledge dead spirits, to reflect on the lightness behind us and the darkness ahead in the cycle of life. We invite participants in particular to reflect on and be inspired by the themes of lightness and darkness – not as traditional “good” and “evil” but as a sacred part of the inner world of our rich queer selves.

Matawha is a dedicated faerie space situated on 600 acres of rural farmland. It’s a comfortable 20 minute walk across the paddocks and down the hill to an effectively private beach. We’ll be sleeping in the tents we set up around Tinker’s house and permaculture garden. As well as the house there’ll be a marquee as a gathering space, outdoor as well as indoor showers, and an outdoor fire bath. Vegetarian food is provided and we’ll do the cooking communally. Conditions permitting there’ll be a bonfire night.

We’ll send you instructions and a map of how to get there when you register. Your Queen Registrars will be co-ordinating road transport from Wellington. If you’re using public transport, you’ll need to get to Hamilton and then take the bus to Raglan. There are three buses each afternoon. If you get in touch with us, we’ll arrange for someone to pick you up from Raglan. There is no bus service on Sunday but for the return trip you’ll be able to arrange a ride with someone at the gathering.

Our gathering is an opportunity to leave the concrete jungle behind and be present with each other and on the land. We rely on solar power for lighting – so can’t operate high-wattage appliances like hair dryers, and mobile signal is variable.

The registration fee for the gathering is $170. This includes food, hireage of things like the marquee, gas for cooking and showers, and a koha to Tinker for the use of the property. We’ll publish a statement of accounts for the gathering on our website after the event. If there’s any surplus over $300 we’ll reimburse that pro-rata to registrants.

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Faerie Fee Fund
We operate a ‘NOTALOF’ policy – no-one turned away for lack of funds. If the registration cost is a problem please contact your co-queen registrars:

Also, if you would like to contribute to our Faerie Fee Fund you are most welcome to do so. To make a contribution, include the extra funds when you pay your registration fee. Your Queen Registrars will sort the payment to those in need. Your contribution will be very much appreciated.

Alternative Accommodation
If staying in a tent simply isn’t you, then just 10 minutes’ walk across the paddocks on the same property is a B&B run by Tinker’s mum Jenny. If you want to stay there you’ll need to make your booking directly with Jenny. Here is a link to her website:

The cost of that is additional to the registration fee for the gathering and unfortunately we can’t offer any discount on the registration fee for people staying at Jenny’s.

Alcohol Policy
We strongly suggest you abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol during the gathering in order to remain present and respectful to ourselves and to each other. Mainstream gay community spaces typically include alcohol (for better or worse); part of the goal of the faeries is to provide a space that is alternative the mainstream.

What to bring
Tent (if you haven’t got one, contact us—we’ll come up with something).

Eating utensils – cutlery, plate, bowl, cup
Home baking to share for morning and afternoon tea
Outdoor clothes and footwear (there are thistles if walking around the farm) and cold weather gear (just in case!)
Dress ups and drag
Musical instruments
Games, glitter and decorations
Something resembling harvest

Anything needed to run your own workshop!

Contact us
Any questions, contact your Queen Registrars:

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