Our Gatherings 

Faerie Gatherings are a temporary community space we create ‘between the worlds’; between the normal muggle world, and the lightly and humourously pagan-esque space of the fae folk. This is a time to connect and celebrate, often these events are timed by the key markers of the passaage of the seasons, such as Solstices and Equinoxes, Beltane and Samhein, etc. A ritual at gathering may include candles, fires, chanting, dancing, streamers, bedizened drag queens, ritual music, mud pits, sweat lodges, fire dances, drumming, running through the forest naked, Sufi twirling, and spiral dancing. Nudity at ritual is common. And as always, Radical Faeries take inspiration from the spirits of the earth where they live and from the ancestors.

Informality, acceptance, and flamboyance of dress (and undress) are the norm at gatherings, which are held across the world. Traditionally, these have been rural affairs, though some urban gatherings take place as well.

Gatherings include workshops, relaxing and hilarious times, adventures to local nature spots, and the infamous talent/no-talent, or TNT shows. A gathering is framed by an opening and a closing ritual and everything that occurs at a gathering is co-created through particpants sharing their skills through workshops, through cooking, through laughter and through care.

Please check out the events calendar for upcoming events.

Heart Circles

Heart Circle is a central tool of the Radical Faerie way of life, and arose from the ideal of consensus. Heart Circle is informed by a theoretical opposition to hierarchy, from radical politics, and from Hay’s idea of “subject-SUBJECT Consciousness” . It includes aspects of various therapy, human-potential, and consciousness-raising groups. Each day at gatherings, this group process forms for discussion, emotional processing, and emotional healing. Heart Circle is a place to share thoughts and feelings, to heal, to make decisions, and to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Queer person. It can also be a place of confrontation, of unflinching examination of one’s deepest beliefs, understandings, and faults. Disagreement – rooted in the “contrarian” tradition of some Plains Indian Tribes of north America- is a Radical Faerie first principle.

Heart circles are also held regularly outside gathering times – in faerie commmunities across the globe.

We meet for community sharing once a mouth. This can take the form of a traditional heart circle as outlined above or may be another form of sharing led by one of the residents. If you are ever passing on a community sharing night, drop in and join us.

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