Fierce FM: Faerieland summer solstice 2018

This podcast has a segment recorded on the last day of the summer solstice gathering at Faerieland, Northern NSW in Australia. There are interviews with a range of RadFae about their experiences so if you’re curious about what a faerie gathering entails, this may shed a little more light.

From Fierce FM: “A gathering of fae spirited QUILTBAAAGs has just transpired, and we tête-à-tête with a sprinkle of faeries about heart circles, expressing shadows, and magical mystical journeys from the sexual peak in your 20's, through to the erotic peak that comes in your 6o's. Marvel at the pansophy of Samuel Hatmaker, Cyrus Irani, Reuben Godfrey, Michael Rogowski, Phoebe Joy, Leon Reginald Harrison and more!”

Fierce FM is a weekly LGBTIQ show broadcast in Lismore NSW on River FM, and Across the Top of the South Island in NZ on Fresh FM. Fierce FM airs on Fresh FM Friday nights at 10.00.