RadFaeNZ Beltane Gathering at Autumn Farm
to Oct 28

RadFaeNZ Beltane Gathering at Autumn Farm

RadFaeNZ Beltane Gathering at Autumn Farm – 24 to 28 October 2019

A gathering for gay/bi/pan/queer/cis/trans men and trans-masculine people.

Radical Faeries Aotearoa/New Zealand (RadFaeNZ) warmly invite you to join us in celebrating Beltane at Autumn Farm, home to our esteemed hosts: Peter Findlayson and Pete Banham (Twitter). The gathering begins with the evening meal and opening ritual on Thursday 24 October and ends after breakfast and the closing ritual on Monday 28 October.

** Here's the link to registerhttps://forms.gle/2ZK6ho3jcGfA9zjU7 **

What is a gathering?

Faerie gatherings are a time of creating community -- as we embrace each other as friends and lovers and men who love men. It is an opportunity to leave the concrete jungle behind and be present with each other. The retreat is based on international Faerie traditions where activities and workshops are co-created. Anybody can propose and lead a workshop, ritual or other activity.


Beltane is a Gaelic festival held in the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It marks the beginning of summer where rituals are performed to protect the crops and people and to encourage growth. We invite participants in particular to reflect on and be inspired by the themes of new beginnings and abundance of the inner world of our rich queer selves.


Autumn farm is a clothing optional, eco-friendly establishment in Golden Bay; just five minutes from Takaka Village. The lifestyle is eco positive communal facilities with solar water heating, recycling of waste and inclusive social atmosphere. This tranquil venue has a bathhouse, composting toilets, and an outdoor fire bath. There is a sheltered deck as well as the mature gardens for gatherings, rituals, and other activities. Vegetarian food is provided and we’ll do the cooking communally. (Please note that Autumn Farm is a dog-free venue.)


The base registration fee for the gathering is $120 to cover the cost of food and other expenses for the gathering. You can pay this fee directly to our account 38-9018-0818186-00, account name: RFAERIESNZ (with “Labour wknd” in the reference).

 There is an additional charge for accommodation (see below)


For accommodation, Autumn Farm has camp sites, dorm rooms, cabins, and rooms. The costs are:

Campsite: FREE for the whole weekend.

Dorm room*: $75 per person for the whole weekend

Cabin/room: $175 per cabin/room for the whole weekend

To book your accommodation, please contact Peter and Pete at Autumn Farm directly at:

03 525 9013 or  stay@autumnfarm.com

and ask for the rate for the Faerie Gathering during Labour weekend.

 *There are two dorm rooms, one with beds with bedding included. The other is “Marae-Style” with mattresses on the floor where you would need to bring your own sleeping bag. If you don’t have one let the Queen Registrar know and we’ll sort something out for you.

Faerie Fee Fund

We operate a ‘NOTAFLOF’ policy (no one turned away for lack of funds). If the registration and accommodation cost is a problem please contact your Queen registrar radfaenz@gmail.com  and we will sort the payment for you.

Alcohol Policy

We strongly suggest you abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol during the gathering in order to remain present and respectful to ourselves and to each other. Mainstream gay events typically include alcohol (for better or worse); part of the goal of the faeries is to provide a space that is alternative the mainstream. 

Warm regards,

Moose, your Queen Registrar

(I’m on Facebook as Moose in’Newzealand)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Warm regards,

Moose, your Queen Registrar

(I’m on Facebook as Moose in’Newzealand)

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RadFANZ Autumn Equinox Gathering 2019: Altar Raising
to Mar 25

RadFANZ Autumn Equinox Gathering 2019: Altar Raising

  • North Island New Zealand (map)
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Radical Faeries Aotearoa/New Zealand (Radfanz) warmly invite you to join us in celebrating the first gathering of 2019, ‘Altar Raising’. This theme pays homage to the power that altars can bring into our lives; to anchor and solidify through a physical structure an aspiration, a value, an archetype; to call forth powers and strengths we didn’t know we had from the depths of our individual and collective psyche, both in the heat of celebration with others, and in quiet solitary reflection.

This gathering celebrates the Autumn Equinox event known as Mabon; the first of two moments within the year when day and night are of equal length, during which we may reflect upon our own inner balance. As we cross the threshold into the darker months, we draw on the warmth and light of fire to guide us softly toward winter. Also a time of harvest and preservation, both of the fruits of the earth and our own sacred offerings, we recognise our ability to share these harvests with each other and papatūānuku.

In the spirit of this sharing and the archetype of the Sacred Androgyne we open this invitation to gender-diverse folks across the LGBTQI community. The alchemy of androgyny welds together the poles of the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ and creates something both different and greater than the sum of its parts; a queer wholeness that transcends traditional binary ideals. With these ideas we seek to build a community that facilitates tolerance, optimism, self-expression and radical self-acceptance.

The sanctuary Wolf Creek of Oregon has some 60 altars, celebrating everything from the moon and stars, to the dead dog and punk rock. The subjects of the altars we raise are yet to be determined and will be responsive to the fae communities’ conversation and input. We look forward to anchoring the altar through stone and wood in celebration of the landscape and whenua.

We welcome you to gather at Faenua, a farm and dedicated faerie space near Raglan, Waikato. The gathering begins with an evening meal and the opening ritual on Wednesday 20th March 2019, and ends after breakfast and the closing ritual on the morning of Monday 25th March 2019. You’re welcome to arrive any time on Wednesday, or if you’re available to assist with setup in the week prior to the gathering please message Kayda directly. For those who don’t need to rush away, we like a long tail on the gathering and so welcome you to stay for longer.

Your Queen Registrars and points of contact for this event are:
Tony: thornt02@hotmail.com
Kayda: kaydakowhai@gmail.com

Please follow the link and complete the form to register for this event: https://goo.gl/forms/9B7yeYeNw3RJk5uq2

2019 Gathering Call - Altar Pic 3.jpg

What is a gathering?
It’s a time of creating community, a time to connect with the land and the seasons, a time for ritual and meditation, a time for sharing and expression. We embrace each other as friends and lovers. We embrace ourselves as exceptional queers. We embrace the world we inhabit and this planet that gives us life.

The retreat is based on international Faerie traditions of co-creation so anybody can propose and lead whatever workshop, ritual or activity they like. Whether physical or cerebral, structured or chaotic, serious or downright silly - we cherish your varied contributions and the sky really is the limit here.

Heart Circles, usually held each morning, are spaces for sharing and active listening that are integral to the Faerie experience.

The ‘Talent/No-Talent’ (TNT) show (a gala in the loosest sense) provides a stage for displays of genuine prowess, earnest expression or shambolic spectacle. Conditions permitting there will also be a bonfire night and excursions to local landmarks.

Faenua is a dedicated faerie space situated on 600 acres of rural farmland. It’s a 20 minute walk across the paddocks and down the hill to an effectively private beach. We’ll be sleeping in the tents we set up around the homestead and permaculture garden. There are a limited number of beds available indoors for those most in need. As well as the house there’ll be a marquee as a gathering space, bath house with outdoor and indoor showers, compost toilets and an outdoor fire bath. Vegetarian food is provided and we’ll do the cooking communally.

We’ll send you instructions and a map of how to get there when you register. We encourage people to car share as much as possible and we can facilitate this closer to the event. If you’re using public transport, you’ll need to get to Hamilton and then take the bus to Raglan, there are between 2 and 6 buses per day. From there we should be able to arrange someone to pick you up. www.raglan.net.nz/about-raglan/getting-to-raglan/

Faenua is a clothing optional and body positive space. Our buildings aren’t set up for wheelchair accessibility but there are no stairs and the homestead is relatively flat. We can’t allow anyone to bring dogs, but there will be dogs on the property.

The gathering is an opportunity to leave the concrete jungle behind and be present with each other and on the land. We rely on solar power for lighting – so can’t operate high-wattage appliances like hair dryers, and mobile signal is variable. Camper vans can be accommodated but there are no powered sites.

The registration fee for the gathering is $170 for food and other costs. We’ll publish a statement of accounts for the gathering on our website after the event. If there’s any surplus over $500 we’ll reimburse that pro-rata to registrants.

Faerie Fee Fund
We operate a ‘NOTAFLOF’ policy – no-one turned away for lack of funds. If the registration cost is a problem please contact your co-queen registrars.

Also, if you would like to contribute to our Faerie Fee Fund you are most welcome to do so. To make a contribution, include the extra funds when you pay your registration fee. Your Queen Registrars will sort the payment to those in need. Your contribution will be very much appreciated.

Alternative Accommodation
If staying in a tent simply isn’t you, then just 10 minutes’ walk across the paddocks on the same property is a B&B run by Tinker’s mum Jenny. If you want to stay there you’ll need to make your booking directly with Jenny; Kayda will be able to put you in touch with her. The cost of that is additional to the registration fee for the gathering and we can’t offer any discount on registration for people staying at Jenny’s.

Alcohol Policy
We operate a sober space and ask you to abstain from alcohol and drugs in order to remain present and respectful to ourselves and to each other. Mainstream gay community spaces typically include alcohol (for better or worse); part of the goal of the faeries is to provide a space that is alternative to this.

Included in the price are 3 vegetarian meals a day, and these can usually be adapted to suit vegans too. If you have any food allergies/special diets please let us know in good time and we will try to accommodate you but we may not be able to cater for everyone’s requirements.

What to bring
Most people will be camping – so please be aware you will need to bring everything to make your stay comfortable.
- Tent (if you haven’t got one, contact us—we’ll come up with something).
- Bedding: pillows, sleeping bags, blankets, mattress
- Outdoor clothes and footwear (there are thistles if walking around the farm) and cold weather gear (just in case!)
- Torch/head torch with batteries/charge
- Eating utensils: cutlery, plate, bowl, cup
- Swimwear and towels for the beach
- Biodegradable hygiene products
- Suncream and sun hat, umbrellas are also good for shade
- Home baking and snacks to share
- Costumes, drag
- Musical instruments
- Games, decorations and art supplies
- Anything for the altars (crystals, candles, lights, whatever you feel is right!)
- Anything needed to run your own workshop!

We are a 30-minute drive from any shop so bear this in mind before you arrive! Any questions, contact your Queen Registrars.

2019 Gathering Call - Altar pic 4.jpg
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Auckland Heart Circle and Pot Luck Dinner

Heart circle and pot luck dinner for 2019- Auckland

Following in the ancient traditions of our for-brothers - come join us as we create sacred space together, we invite you to come and experience a unique opportunity as we gather to share food, create community and to sit with your gay brothers, as we witnessed each other, hear each other and see each other, while we create a heart circle that nurture our souls

A heart circle is a place for where people meet in sacred space to speak from the heart and be listened to from the heart. Communicating openly this way is a felt experience and an ability developed by taking part in this ritual over time.

Contact Tony on 0210480358 for directions, parking instructions and any other queries. If anyone has any ideas or would like to offer anything please let me know and I’ll help arrange it.

All you need to bring is something to eat and an open heart

This is a drug and alcohol free event.

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