Radical Faerie Resources 

Australia : Faerie Land

As a community we identify with the ideals of the radical faeries- that this piece of the earth is a focus for and provides sanctuary for its residents who are stewards of that land and members of the extended community of radical faeries, their friends and family. We moved onto the property in April 2002, and since then have been busy fixing-up and adding to accommodation, clearing weeds and planting gardens, orchards and rainforest. At times it feels like there is a mountain of things to do but we are balancing work with enjoying the beauty and magic of it all. Phase, Teacosy, Anand, Griffyn, Spidercutie and Chameleon live on the property as full-time residents and stewards.


International Radical Faeries

The radfae.org web site exists to pull together Radical Faerie information: links to resources and web pages, news, information, and pointers to other faerie lists. Our site is also available to host various faerie projects.


Sex Magick

Sex Magick is a concentrated exploration and testing of the waters to finding deeper intimacy. Sex Magick, spirit/sex integration, is based on the successful and provocative workshops developed by Harry Hay, this 7-day retreat is designed to challenge and take down the fences keeping us from achieving levels of intimacy not previously found.

All of our workshops are open to Gay-identified transmen, e warmly welcome and encourage all Gay identifed men to sign up for any workshop. Our workshops may have a range of bodies including a delicious variety of cocks, balls and chests. We ask participants to expect the unexpected and be open and honest about their feelings.